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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mike Zawitkowski. I’ve consecutively hired Mike to work at three early-stage companies where I was COO.

One of the best compliments I can give Mike is his unique ability to examine complexity and derive straightforward solutions. He has done as easily with Fortune 500 companies as with pre-product start-ups and he’s applied this skill to issues involving all facets of business.

Mike possesses a wonderful intellectual curiosity for business: figuring out how things work, asking the “right” questions, using judgment to define what is most important, and clearly keeping the goal to implement solutions that make things work better. He helps to prioritize work in ways that appreciably move companies forward. Mike pairs his curiosity with an unusually broad and deep skill set that touches most aspects of business on a global scale.

Again, it is my pleasure to recommend Mike Zawitkowski to solve the most complex problems in your business.

- Michael Plaut
COO at many; Principal at Leap4Ward Consulting

Mike has designed data sets that fuel both near-term and long-term business strategies. Mike can handle literally anything thrown at him; the bigger the challenge, the more his eyes light up! I appreciate that he never hesitates to challenge anyone or any idea, and pushes the team to listen to data and user behavior over personal biases. Beneath all the brains is an extraordinary human being that’s a consummate team player and a joy to work alongside every day.

- Glenna Patton
Founder, CEO at Sicksports

The American officers as well as our Polish employees enjoyed working with Mike and appreciated his conscientious and quite professional approach to his work. In short, Mike Zawitkowski was a real asset to our busy operation.

- Patricia Butenis,
Consul General of the US Embassy in Warsaw

Mike is a sharp guy... dedicated, honest, and principled. He researches everything thoroughly, is up-to-date on the latest techniques ...and knows how to get things done. I'd gladly hire him again.

- Peter Sisson
Founder/CEO, Line2

Mike is incredibly fast on the learning curve and extremely insightful... When he makes a promise, Mike totally fulfills on it. I've had a great time working with him and will continue to tap into his expertise…

- Susan Bernstein,
Principal, Work from Within

Mike has an amazing ability to simplify complex problems into their core elements and address the root cause of challenges rather than the apparent symptoms. He can turn scattered thoughts into discernable action plans and can make sense of even the most complicated mess of priorities. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mike again...

- Michael Zippiroli,
Director Customer Support and Service, Toktumi

I admire Mike’s ability to keep his cool and maintain a loyalty in the face of extreme challenges. I highly recommend Mike and look forward to working with him in the near future.

- Chandra Lynn,
Owner/Principal Consultant, Glow Marketing

Mike Zawitkowski is an outstanding person. He really knows how to take care of business. I'm particularly impressed by the way he follows up on my questions, no matter how obscure. I'm sure he's busier than anything, but he makes me feel like I'm his only client. The dude is organized. And smart. And nice. Do whatever you can to keep him around.

- Charles Powne,
Owner, Soleilmoon Recordings

Mike cut through a lot of the dreaming to identify the practical steps needed to keep the project moving forward...

- Tom Riley,
VP of External Affairs, Berklee College of Music

While working with Mike, I've noticed that he's very thorough and methodical with his work. He's often upbeat and brings a lot of value to IRIS. He's also very solid when it comes to impromptu situations that require immediate decisions.”

- Jon Herman,
Software Engineer, IRIS Distribution

In all this endeavors, Mike works hard, shows true commitment, and strives to do the best he can; and his best is extraordinary.

- Lawrence Bethune,
Dean of Students, Berklee College of Music

Mike is definitely a Project Management Jedi. He was instrumental in getting our releases out the door on time, every time. His easy going nature makes it a pleasure to work with him. Definitely an A+ player.

- Tyler Newman
Manager of Quality Assurance, Toktumi, Inc.

I'd look forward to working with Mike again on any project! His positive attitude, willingness to "get things done," and open communication style makes him a pleasure to work with.

- Ruth Rosana
Training and QA Manager, CS, Toktumi

Mike is one of those amazingly positive people you can't believe exists. He's happy, positive, generous, helpful, smart, and most of all ultra-capable. He has the calm, never-frazzled, 1-step-at-time approach of a war-hardened combat surgeon and he's happy to take the time to help you be as cool as he is. On top of that, he's filled with a love for life, science and music. I hope I have the chance to work with him again.

- Mark Pengelski
Product Analyst, toktumi/Line2.com

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